Team & Board of directors

The company is driven by a team with a breadth of experience in medical devices, business management, and engineering fields.



Geoffroy Lapeyre

CEO & Co-founder
18 years+ experience in Business Management 

Geoffroy brings over 18 years of experience in business management and corporate finance. Son of the inventor, he has an extensive knowledge of the Lapeyre-Triflo valve through his long-standing and passionnate commitment to the project development. 

Prior to his appointment as CEO of Novostia in 2018, Geoffroy held managerial positions at Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank and worked at Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services (M&A, Restructuring), Edmond de Rothschild Corporate Finance (M&A) as well as at start-ups (Novostia, Triflo Medical, Monelis).

Geoffroy holds a Master's degree in Business Management from Audencia Graduate School of Management, Nantes and a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Dauphine University, Paris.

Christophe Aubert

Chief Technology Officer
25 years+ experience in Medical Devices, Mechanics and Microelectronics 

Christophe brings over 25 years of experience in the design and development of active and passive medical devices, as well as a strong regulatory background.

Before joining Novostia, he was CTO of MyoPowers, a company developing a complex active implant for the treatment of urinary incontinence. Prior to this, he worked as a R&D consultant for medtech and pharmaceutical companies, ranging from multinational to startups. He also worked at Ipsen, a French pharmaceutical group where is successfully designed and developed drug-device combination products. Christophe started his career in the Swatch Group, where he designed and developed the first ever single use patch pump. 

Christophe holds a Master's degree in micro-technologies engineering from HES-SO University of Neuchâtel and a postgraduate training in biomaterial and artificial organs at EPFL. 

Philippe Perrier

R&D Engineer & Co-inventor
45 years+ experience in aerodynamics & hydrodynamics (ex. Dassault-Aviation)

Philippe Perrier is the co-designer of the Lapeyre-Triflo valve. He brings over 45 years of experience in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics and a fertile imagination for the design of innovative solutions.

Philippe worked during 42 years at Dassault-Aviation as Technical Director of the Rafale program and technical VP for aerodynamics, low observability and performance at Dassault-Aviation. Over the course of his career, Philippe has also launched a number of side-ventures in the field of hydrodynamics, including the Hydroptère flying sailing boat.

Peter Harbott

R&D Engineer
25+ years experience in biomedical and mechanical engineering

Peter brings over 25 years of experience in biomedical and mechanical engineering, including more than 10 years in the design, development, manufacturing and preclinical testing of the Lapeyre-Triflo valve according to CE Marking and FDA requirements.

He has also been involved in the design and development of heart assist device (MEDOS HIA-VAD Biventricular Assist Device) and other biomedical implants.

Peter has a master degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Aachem, Germany.

Didier Lapeyre

Scientific & Medical Advisor & Inventor
Cardiovascular surgeon with 45+ years experience in cardiovascular research

Dr. Lapeyre has devoted his professional life to the design, development, and validation of innovative medical devices for the benefit of patients.

He began to work on the first tri-leaflet heart valve in the 1980s with Dassault-Aviation, and led animal studies at the Texas Heart Institute. Previously, Dr. Lapeyre served as the designer, scientific & medical affairs director of the Aerospatial total artificial heart program and worked at the French CNRS.

Dr. Lapeyre was trained by the pioneers of open heart surgery (Prof. Marion, Dr. Lillehei, Dr. Cooley, Dr. Frazier, and the founders of the artificial heart research (Dr. Pierce, Dr. Kolff and Dr. Akutsu). He has authored more than 30 scientific publications and is named inventor on more than 15 patents.


Board members

Jean-Luc Vermeulen

Chairman of the Board
45 years+ experience in Business Management

Jean-Luc served as President Exploration & Production and member of the Executive Committee of Total SA. Prior to this, he held a number of different managerial positions in the Elf Aquitaine Group, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Jean-Luc is co-founder and Chairman of Majus Ltd., a UK company, which develops and markets innovative technologies for the oil production industry.  

Jean-Luc graduated from Ecole Polytechnique of Paris and holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. 

Alain Barbal

Board member
38 years+ experience in Medical Devices, Mechanics and Microelectronics 

Alain is currently CEO of Coherent Streams, a Swiss Company specialised in the design, production and implementation of projects, strategies, and business models.

He previously worked in multinational companies (Motorola, Pfizer, Essilor), in big companies (Swatch Group, Ascom), in SMEs (Asyst Technologies) and in startups (VHF Technologies-Flexcell, Monoclonix), where he has occupied various functions, including production manager, R&D manager, plant manager, and CEO. 

Alain holds a Master's degree in Strategic Management from EM Lyon Business School, a Master's degree in Management of strategic innovation from EPFL, and a mechanical engineering degree from Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse. 

Soad El Ghazouani

Board member
25 years+ experience in Medical Devices 

Soad is currently CEO and co-founder, of a venture-funded early stage company developing a transcatheter-based tricuspid valve replacement system. 

She previously served as CEO of Novostia during the period 2017-2018, during which she significantly contributed to the achievements made by the company. Prior to this, Soad held several managerial positions, as VP global marketing with Biosensors, as CEO of Bioring, or as Vice President Europe for Ev3. Soad also served in several operational management positions for Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Meadox and Hitachi. 

Soad holds an MBA in international business from the EM Lyon and a biomedical engineering degree.

George Ortiz

Board member
25 years+ experience in Business Management

George is a serial entrepreneur. With his two brothers, Oliver and Nicolas, he successfully built several companies in the Baltic States and contributed to the development of Medical Device companies in the United States. 

He holds an MBA in international business management from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, and a BA cum laude in biology from Harvard University, Cambridge.