A new generation of
artificial heart valves

  • free of anticoagulant
  • for life
  • silent

Novostia endeavors to advance its technology to clinical trials and regulatory approvals to improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide suffering from aortic and mitral valve disease (*)



  • An answer to a large unmet need worldwide

  • For patients of any age, including children

  • Design for the aortic & mitral valves


 Patient benefits

"I have been impressed by the Triflo valve and look forward to starting  first-in-human clinical trials.

This valve has the potential to benefit thousands of patients, especially young people."

Prof. Thierry Carrel, M.D.
University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland


Our key opinion leaders


(*) Caution: Novostia technology is an investigational device not yet approved for sale