Novostia SA

Novostia SA is a privately held medical device company manufacturing and seeking regulatory approval of an innovative prosthetic heart valve known as the Lapeyre-Triflo valve(*).

In the 1980s, Dassault-Aviation(**) and Dr. Didier Lapeyre, a French cardiac surgeon, conceived the design for a revolutionary mechanical tri-leaflet heart valve based on natural human anatomy and physiology.

Extensive research resources have then been allocated to the development of the technology, thanks to the support of business angels who strongly believe in the patient value and benefit of the Lapeyre-Triflo valve development.

After years of research and technical development in collaboration with world leaders in fluid mechanics, advanced biomaterials, high-precision Swiss manufacturing and prominent academic laboratories, the goal of a mechanical heart valve not requiring anticoagulation therapy may become a reality.

With the support of leading surgeons, the primary objective of Novostia SA is to advance innovatice heart valve to the clinical arena and obtain regulatory approval for its commercialization.



(*) technology protected by a strong recently audited Intellectual Property portfolio with waterfall protection: broad patents were filed initially, and the latest covers further design refinements. New patents are in the pipeline and the device is further protected by manufacturing and trade secrets.
(**) team headed by Philippe Perrier, designer of the Rafale aircraft at Dassault-Aviation.